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Shrinkhala Dance Company

Director's Note

"We envision a better, more vibrant world. A world which fosters holistic and equitable development. In a society replete with terror and conflict, we believe the arts to be a very powerful tool for peace making. We also hope to nurture the arts in a way to contribute towards social change and development. Not only for the nation but for the world at large. Our motto, harmonizing tradition with modernity strives towards integrating traditional values and  narratives with modern thought and modes of expression. We thus create productions which look beyond the normative and encourage critical thinking. We persevere to foster those art forms which are at the verge of extinction and need protection. We thus hope to create sustainable livelihoods and also further the role of arts in the development process."         

- Tanushri Roy

The Ensemble

Indian Classical Danc Fusion by Shrinkhala Dance Company

Shrinkhala Dance Company was founded with the aim of 

harmonising different dance forms to create unique

 compositions of contemporary relevance. Along with

 interspersing contemporary discourses with a cultural and 

aesthetic experience, Shrinkhala’s productions endeavor to 

incorporate scholarly texts to bind theory with practise. 

Shrinkhala signifies yukti, a combination of thoughts, 

styles and principles. It implies a logical expansion of 

tradition, forms, thoughts and perspectives, eclipsing rigidity

and enveloping fluidity. 

Shrinkhala aims to engage people in a new way of thinking 

by using contextualized themes of contemporary relevance. 

It’s productions thus go towards fulfilling the aim of 

interspersing contemporary discourses with a unique cultural and aesthetic experience. 


Indian Classical Dance Fusion by Shrinkhala Dance Company
Indian Classical Dance by Shrinkhala Dance Company

Corporate Events

Corporate Events by Shrinkhala Dance Company

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