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A warrior is not one who delivers himself to wild abandon and the spirit of violence in pursuing his mission, but  one who defies these temptations, maintains a rigorous order, and refrains from violent acts which are unnecessary to the accomplishment of his military purpose. The great warrior is marked by selflessness. He is prepared to expose himself to danger rather than risk the lives of innocent civilians. A true leader balances  moral duties against his commitment to victory.

Then Krishna revealed his supreme form –
Possessing numerous mouths and eyes, glittering with divine ornaments, displaying divine signs, divinely garlanded, divinely scented, all-shaped, all-
powerful, transcendent and limitless.
Were a thousand suns to explode suddenly in the sky,
their brilliance would approximate the glory of the site.
And in the body of Krishna,
Arjuna saw the separate universes united, and resting.
Struck with awe, his hair on end,
he bent his head, and joined his palms.

Taking from the teachings of the Bhagwat Gita, this production reminds human beings of their duties towards fellow humans, their dharma towards the world at large and the supreme truth of life.

Duration: 30 mins

Genre: Mythological/ Social

Dancers- 6-8

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