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Aatmadarshanam... a journey within


Aatma darshanam is a creative endeavor orchestrated by the Shrinkhala Dance Company. Tracing the lives of three yug purushas vastly separated through space and time, the production seeks to extract certain characteristics common to the three beings. Sequentially traversing the journeys of Lord Shiva, Gautam Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi, the production hopes to reconnect individuals and societies of contemporary times to the roots of the values on which humanity thrives.

This is done by extrapolating certain virtues depicted by the three purushas in different temporal contexts and urging the humans of today to imbibe these ideals in their everyday lives. The dance forms used are Kathak, Mayurbhanj Chhau and Contemporary. Contextual costumes, props and audio-visuals have been designed for the same.


In a world engulfed by capitalism and individualism, by greed, violence and vice, let us take an inward journey to reflect on our own conscience, values and belief systems.

Duration: 1 Hr, 30 Mins

Genre: Spiritual, Philosophical, Historical

Dancers: 8-10

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